Video Game launch


Working from initial concept we developed the design through to 3d rendered visuals.

Working closely with the client we built bespoke curved tread units (it’s amazing how quick the CNC makes this kind of thing-!) a load of 5.5m flats with some little brand touches thrown in here and there, accented with RGB tape and RGB step lights.

The back wall had some subtle plant ons to emulate the content/ aesthetic of the game, with fun sliding doors. which were highly technical, in that opening one also opened the other- both opening off stage in opposite directions it definitely didn’t involve 4 pulleys and a bit of para-cord string…! It’s always nice to add a bit of theatrics!

From a studio tack floor, to bespoke light up plinths with sneaky battery power and remote control, the event went off without a hitch with client and attendees enjoying the event and giving great post show feedback.

  • Confidential
  • Clockwork Scenery
  • The Roundhouse, Camden
  • GAO

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