SNF National Tour

As a remount of a Frankfurt set Simon originally designed, with about 120 ways of RGB led tape…

As a 2 trailer tour, we had the 3 cubes break down into flattage- which were double clad- vac form external with a cnc routed mirror tile to the interior, to give that glitzy ‘ Night Fever’ effect!

The 3 ‘cube’ trucks move U/S to D/S and rotate 360 degrees to get the different facades,

These were on Man-draulic winches to keep it simple and cost effective, With a spade in the floor attached to a slew ring they span round with a push-!

Lest we forget the sliders, back wall, legs, and flown billboard, painted floor, some last minute props…

Simon Kenny’s ingenious set, comprising three cubes that revolve to become the disco or graffiti-stained buildings, allows the type of rapid scene changes vital to ensuring the pace of the musical. Conscious that the iconic neon-lit disco flooring from the movie would not be visible in the theatre, Kenny replicates the design on the walls.- Whats on stage

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