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We were approached by The Grange Festival Opera to come up with a solution to over-sail some dangerous ‘Historic’ steps with a Champagne bar decking area to accentuate the views over the lake and fields beyond.

As the steps are part of the Historic building, and structurally unsound we had to come up with a solution that spanned the steps and sat on solid ground. Working with John Simpson architects we came up with a simple solution that hung off the top stable stone tread with the weight going through some large structural frames on the front edge. Allowing the bespoke timber and steel buildings to sit on top of the decking. These Bespoke event buildings were crafted from Timber and steel, with the roof and print all made to withstand the elements.

A simple yet effective solution enables the structures to be installed in a day and a half, and came out in only 7 hours.

There was a sponsorship agreement with Accoya a specialist softwood timber that has been acetylated; a process which modifies the molecular structure of the timber to make it very stable and withstand the elements, and is guaranteed for 50 years above ground, and for 25 years submerged  in fresh water!

With bespoke columns wrapped in rope, notched timber rafters, and some rather lovely 3d CNC’d Acroterion (all done in house) the over all effect really set the grounds and house off.


  • Grange Festival Opera
  • John Simpson Architects
  • The Grange, Alresford
  • CS

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