Exhibition Development and Construction

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Working alongside the Southbank Centres creative team we designed and developed an 8 room ‘experiential exhibition’ aimed at 7-12 yr olds.

With key archive to display in each room, the scenic elements were designed around these and the narrative….with some trickery here and there… we literally have smoke and mirrors….!

The sound and narration were programmed as both a linear ‘show’ and with physical triggers to punctuate and cue the next rooms effects through cuelab, which also triggered the lighting.

From a class room installation with light up desks, to a broken wing and propeller, to forest dressing, and a giant peach… wobbly books, and whoopee cushion fart wall…

Images – Wondercrump World of Roald Dahl, conceived and commissioned by Southbank Centre, London, 2016

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