Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

A Traditional set build, designed By Simon Higlett, for The Touring Consortium.

With a Gothic feel, Black wool serge flats, with a shadow of london brick dusted across.

Built with short notice, we had to make a resilient set that stood up to the rigors of weekly touring. So turned to traditional build methods.

With 3×1 timber flattage covered in a blackout fabric and then serge to ensure we didn’t get any light leak through the serge.

A 10m bridge to span with Fibreglass mesh and a CNC’d floor painted to evoke London cobbles, again with a shadowy feel.

Various sliders on Triple E track are used to change the settings, and with 2 trucks on tracks, one with a smash panel, meaning we had to make upwards of 120 baise covered panels to be smashed once per show.

Whats on Stage: Simon Higlett’s design, all coal-stains and exposed brick, summons a London swaddled in a late Victorian dirge, characters peeling themselves from the smog and stalking through the murkiness

British Theatre Guide: this is a good looking show. Simon Higlett (set and costume) brings out the shadowy side of this Victorian world and Mark Jonathan’s lighting design is used to good effect to direct the often changing locations.

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