The Double

As part of the Transformation Season at the Ustinov in Bath, The Double, was staged with some wonderful puppetry with a simple, crisp set.

The wall had to be climbed from behind to have 3 puppets appear at the top. Without the wall wobbleing! so we built ladders into the steel framed flattage, and used the structure to brace itself.

High quality friction hinges, with draft excluder on the bottom of the doors meant the doors stayed where they were left- the old trick was screwing a paint brush to the back of a door- we upgraded that slightly, It looked like traditional Theatre scenery, but was a belt and braces, climbable Steel flattage version

Rutters printed a skycloth and when lit from behind really worked well.

  • Theatre Royal Bath
  • Ti Green
  • Ustinov Studio

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