Must Be Easter soon as we’re doing quotes for eggs…!

As usual it’s been non stop in the workshop… January flew buy, with all sorts of jobs going out, from Aluminium Rolling Riser decks for the Back Street Boys, Romeo and Juliet for The Rose in Kingston

February and March are Cruise Ship scenery season, Fame, Saturday Night Fever, for TSE Productions, Bills Place, Crossroads, On the Six, and Casino Royale for BKP.

Another Romeo for Cranleigh, a trade show booth for Cecence, and Lest I forget…. the Altar for Richard III….

A hugely rewarding job working closely with James Elliott- Stone mason/ Wizard. All went in to the Cathedral in time for the re-internment, and there’s quite the buzz about it- More to follow in the Press we hope- It involved a load of technical know how from James and myself to make a sculptural and practical piece which will last the test of time.